Hey, Stinkers!  Although we still have a few weeks until we release our new EP, “BEASTS,” we figured we’d give you a little something to keep your olefactory and earfactory senses satisfied.  Here’s the official recording of our cover of Bjork’s “Joga.”  Enjoy!  And don’t forget about our BEASTS release party on May 26th at King Killer Studios!

Love The Stink.


The Stink

This is us playing the first couple tracks from American Glory at our release show a couple weeks back.  It was sweet, like a Macallan 10-year.

American Glory

Hello, Stinkers!  We’re proud to announce our new EP, American Glory.  If you’d like your free copy, please click the album cover below.  We’re sure you’re gonna love it.

Also, if you haven’t yet, grab a copy of Royal Sampler and, of course, our custom iPhone Stinktones while you’re at it!  Free stuff!

Extry, extry!  Get yer fresh, hot STINKY ringtones, here!  Myah!!!!

Royal Sampler

To get your free copy of the Royal Sampler right now, click the album cover below to join our email list. You’ll have a link to the file in no time.

If the email link above doesn’t work, or you’re using a web-based browser, just send an email to th35tink@gmail.com with the subject line “Give me Royal Sampler!”

We are The Stink

There are other bands with our name, but none of them live up to it like we do. Stay tuned.